AIRTEC Focus RS Mk2 Stage 3 500+ bhp Intercooler 100mm core, Flowed end tanks, 70mm cold side boost hose


Airtec stage 3 is the only off the shelf intercooler that uses a 100mm deep core! we use this core only in the most extreme coolers, we name the 100mm core ‘GobStopper’ due to it’s amazing cooling properties

The Airtec stage 2 had already proved itself in the Focus RS tuning scene as the must have mod for 400+ cars, we wanted to take the stage 3 to a whole new level and it took well over 10 month’s to get perfect.

Every Stage 3 Intercooler comes with a 70mm cold side hose, if you have a big boost pipe kit fitted, your Hot side pipework will still fit.

AIRTEC part number : ATINTFO23

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